Nathan P. Ross CPA

Certified Tax Master® AICPA® - Tax Section

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already an experienced investor, we offer several engagement options to accommodate your due diligence and tax planning needs.

While some folks may view our fees as "exceedingly costly", those that are informed and/or those who may have already experienced the pain of uninformed investment decisions, or perhaps took action based on bad tax advice, will likely understand that our fees are associated with exceedingly high value. In fact, will decline to take on any client engagement that represents an unwise use of your money or our time.

Take you first step toward learning how to Be A Planner™ by calling me directly at (713) 589-8727 x101.

I will personally take the time learn more about you and your family's tax facts and circumstances to see how we may be able to provide value.